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I'm moving all my verbena bonariensis and wonder when is the best time to do this.



I usually do it in the spring when new growth is just starting. having said that I have potted self sown ones up this time of year before and kept them in the lea of a wall to prevent the pots from freezing.

31 Oct, 2020


Thank you SBG. I'm taking cuttings from sideshoots so they will be potted up for the winter.

1 Nov, 2020


I do most of my transplanting & moving things in the fall (now). I've already moved loads of things last week. This also goes for dividing day lilies, hostas, etc, planting spring bulbs, reseeding the lawn, etc.

1 Nov, 2020


Seem that your snow has gone now?

1 Nov, 2020


I find them very good tempered when moved and have moved them any time of year but I seldom bother now because they seed themselves freely. I love the way they pop up all over the garden and I pot up any that are in really unsuitable places and give them away.

1 Nov, 2020


The snow is gone for the moment Sue but we're only getting started.

2 Nov, 2020


I do find some seedlings in the spring but not that many.

2 Nov, 2020


Thankyou everyone.

3 Nov, 2020

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