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Broad Beans

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Broad Beans:
I've sown my Aquadulce as usual but thought I might try a tunnel over them again this year to give them an early start.. Any idea whether polythene, fleece or micromesh would be best? I did use plastic successfully last year but thought I might get a taller one this year so they can be supported earlier in the spring.



one of my friends uses fleece that she removes on really good days to allow good air flow. I usually start mine off in pots in the greenhouse.

1 Nov, 2020


Thanks Eileen. Does she lay the fleece flat or use a tunnel? Our winters are usually quite mild and I've sown them outside before except last year when I used a plastic tunnel. I left it in position all winter and only removed it when the beans were setting well. Trouble was of course that the plants couldn't stand upright. It didn't seem to affect the crop greatly so I'm not sure how they got pollinated - they were lovely and early though. .
I don't have a greenhouse as it would probably not survive the winds we get here in November (we laugh about the horizontal rain) I do have a small wallhouse but I tend to forget things in there and leave them to get too dry...:

1 Nov, 2020


she uses canes to hold the fleece clear of the plants and as they grow uses longer canes. I know all about Welsh horizontal rain too very invigorating :o)

1 Nov, 2020


Haha. I don't think that would work here as it would all just blow away. Might try a fleece tunnel though. Thanks for replying.

1 Nov, 2020

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