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By Mossy

Essex, United Kingdom

Hello everyone, having great difficulty to stay logged in and sending any comments or messages, it always goes to the page to join or log off. Contacted a computer expert friend who said that it must be a problem with this site. Is there anyone who has a similar problem which only started a couple of days ago. Any info would really be appreciated. Thank you all.



Yes I have had difficulties several times. Instead of getting straight onto the questions page as I normally do I am asked to log in, and my login details are then rejected as invalid.(Time after time...) I even tried logging in as a new member (I used to be Steragram) but because my email address was clearly the same I was still rejected. My son eventually put it right for me but sadly I don't understand what he did. It is apparently not a site problem and the techies on here couldn't help. I am so sorry the bug has bitten you as well. I will ask my son if he could explain what he did but don't hold your breath.
Good luck.

21 Feb, 2021

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