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By Mossy

Essex, United Kingdom

I have tried to reply directly to Yorkslass, but impossible to send the message, I ended up on the joining page again and the reply was lost. Thank you very much for your message, sadly I am computer illiterate and I rely on a friend for computer expertise who in the current circumstances cannot come here. I noticed recently that several profiles have been deleted, I wonder if they have had similar problems. Feeling very upset about this situation as it my main way of socialising at the moment.



Hello Mossy, I’m not sure if you will be able to see this message? I have received a couple of messages from you and unfortunately they were blank.
This is awful for you. I’m not sure how to advice, but, there will be many on here with good advice and able to help,you. I do hope it all works out for you, I’m keeping my fingers crossed x

21 Feb, 2021


Hi Mossy,
Thanks for the message. Unfortunately I can't now remove my email address from the Questions page. I've sent Dave a message asking him to do it for me so I hope he will!
Let me know if your friend can help. Hope you managed to download Team Viewer. It is a wonderful thing for those of us who are not tech minded!

22 Feb, 2021

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