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Just bought this parrot beak impatien (Impatiens niamniamensis) from a nursery 2.5 weeks ago. Can someone help me with identifying what maybe the issue with all these yellow spots. No spots on new growth area. It’s an indoor plant and next to others and under a grow light. Winter here in Michigan, house temp doesn’t drop below 63F, humidifier in room. Originally places by a window, but moved once yellow spots started; thinking it was too cold or too close to the air vent. Since moving (original spot three days), plant started growing like crazy, leaves are darker green - however yellow spots are becoming more prevalent



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if the new leaves are ok then I suspect that is damage possibly from insecticide/herbicide drift when it was at the nursery. or it could be damage from insects or the sun. These sort of spots are difficult to diagnose really. Can you see anything on the underside of the leaves or in the leaf joints etc?

23 Feb, 2021

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