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Can anyone recognize this shrubby plant?
I did not plant it. It is not particularly pretty and I cut it every year very short. Its in in a prime position and I have no heart to toss it. This picture is from middle of march last year. It blooms sparsely at that time.

Unknown_shrub2 Unknown_shrub1



does it have very sharp thorns? my first thought is blackthorn Prunus spinosa. It certainly looks as if it is in the Prunus genus.

23 Feb, 2021


Or possibly Chaenomales (Japanese quince)?

23 Feb, 2021


I thought Chaenomeles too -couldn't see any spines, and our blackthorn flowers grow in clusters of smaller flowers.(And the spines are very noticeable and very prickly)When do you cut it? If its is a Chaenomeles it could well develop quince type fruits later in the season.

23 Feb, 2021


Thank you for your suggestions ladies. Now, you have me interested and I will watch it this year and see if I get any fruit on it. In any case I should keep it and make either sloe gin or marmalade :=) Thanks again.

23 Feb, 2021

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