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I'm sure I've seen this question before, but I can't get any pictures on my HP laptop, they seem to have disappeared, even people's avatar photos are gone. I'm hesitant to put any kind of blocker on it because I've got McAfee which wouldn't allow it. What have I done wrong?



I find the so called 'anti-virus' software like McAfee and Norton a big waste of money and they suck up a lot of your computer's hard drive space making it slow down. I still got viruses with them and had to have my hard drive 'scrubed' professionally to get rid of the viruses.

2 Mar, 2021


Firefox is a browser not an anti virus though. Use that instead of your current browser and the problem should disappear.

2 Mar, 2021


I'll give it a go changing my browser. My laptop was a special birthday present in 2020 and it came with three years free McAfee so I'm not about to change the security. I'll let you know the outcome.

2 Mar, 2021


Yes it's worked thanks.

2 Mar, 2021



4 Mar, 2021


After all that, I've just seen someone say the problem of all the photos disappearing had been fixed by Admin! I might go back to my usual browser.

25 Mar, 2021

How do I say thanks?

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