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Could anyone throw some light on why this Hebe is looking so sad's been planted in the pot since before Xmas and watered every week.

On plant Hebe acutiflora




is it in a windy place?
but if you only planted it in Dec it wont have done much root growth so that could also be a factor

18 Mar, 2021


I would also check the soil for vine weevil grubs. They like Hebes.

18 Mar, 2021


It's quite sheltered under the overhang of the house,Eileen......I was thinking weevils,Owd.....will check tomorrow.

18 Mar, 2021


I would say that it's a fair chance that its too wet; perhaps better to keep it a little moist only as it won't be growing very much in the cold weather.

18 Mar, 2021


I have 2 hebes, one of which hates frost and a different one which doesn't care what the weather is and looks fantastic all year. I don't know either of their names but the frost hater is variegated.

23 Mar, 2021

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