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Anyone know this shrub?




Sorry ,the pic is not very
Did this shrub make red berries?
For me it look like a ILex Aquifoliom but not sure at 100 per cent

20 Mar, 2021


Thanks, not a Holly, even the Japanese one has bigger leaves. The ones on this are no more than half an inch long.
If it had thorns you would think it was a Berberis from the leaf size.

21 Mar, 2021


any chance you can take a close up of the flowers OWD? I have seen it before but not getting a name coming. Age!

21 Mar, 2021


it reminds me of Sarcococca saligna, but it don't think the leaves are long enough.

21 Mar, 2021


I have Sarcococca ruscifolia and was going to suggest one of that family but Sbg beat me to it.

21 Mar, 2021


Does it have a fragrance?

21 Mar, 2021


Been identified as Buxus sempervirens. Thanks folks.

21 Mar, 2021


Have posted a photo of a very similar plant here...Sarcocolla confusa.Has a fragrance during the winter months.

21 Mar, 2021


Actually smells of cat urine.

21 Mar, 2021


Than it is Buxus sempervirens for sure Owd. :_) Just posted picture of a flower of a variegated one. You would not buy them for a perfume.

21 Mar, 2021


Did not recognise it as the only ones we had at our previous house had bigger leaves, or variegated ones (B. elegantissima) and certainly never flowered.

21 Mar, 2021


I have Buxus sempervirens 'Variegata' and it certainly is not loaded with flowers as this in your picture but it does have few..... but i do trim it.

22 Mar, 2021


I'd suggest one of the Sarcococcas. I've been attracted to them in garden centres because they flower and are fragrant in winter but the scent reminds me of halitosis.

23 Mar, 2021

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