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Spider houseplants. I have started putting my spider plants outside during the day in the warmer weather in readyness for the plant sale. However I have noticed that the leaves have gone very thin and pale. Are they not suited to be put outside? Many thanks



I used to put mine out during the summer and they were usually ok. Have you given them a feed recently, if not that could be the problem. Have they got dried out too much as they are really happier in moist atmospheres. Also they do not do well in full sun.

21 Apr, 2021


AFAIK they are houseplants, like a lot of houseplants probably OK outside for a summer holiday & fresh air in the summertime only

21 Apr, 2021


Will keep them indoors for now, maybe sun was too strong?

22 Apr, 2021


They definitely don't like the full sun, dappled shade would be lovely. I have two indoors, one in a corner where it gets light but not full sun, the other gets more light and some sun and it doesn't like it! It has paler green leaves and just looks sadder. Must be kinder and move it somewhere else.

22 Apr, 2021

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