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This plant appeared in my garden a few years ago. I don’t know how it set itself in my garden and since it was in an unwanted location I always cut it flush to the ground. This year I let it have its head so to speak. At the present time it has topped at a little over two feet and it now has a pleasant appearance in my garden so I won’t put it on the chopping block. My problem is that I don’t know what the heck it is. Checking the fields and wild areas around my home I don’t see anything that comes close to to its appearance. My locale is on the Mideast coast of the USA. I would be gratefull for any ID’s you may come up with.




Looks like Hollyhock (Alcea) so perhaps part of the Mallow (Malvaceae) family. That's the best I can suggest.

13 May, 2021


Yes, I think hollyhock too ... will grow to 3’ or 4 feet and have many flowers all down the stem. Pink or red are likely.

13 May, 2021


I also think it is probably one of the Malvaceae group. could be a mallow rather than a hollyhock, my hollyhocks tend to be matt in appearance.

13 May, 2021


Mallow was my first thought

13 May, 2021


Thank you all so much! When it flowers I will post a picture.

13 May, 2021


Well, I posted this question on May 13. Today June 7, I can see from your choice of ID’s that it is a hollyhock. From May 13 till now it has risen from over two feet to above eight feet in a stupendous burst of growth and is now flowering in its lower main stem with beautiful purple flowers. It’s initial growth was noted last year and it remained under two feet in height and stayed green all winter. Being a biennial, this year it pulled out all the stops. I will post a picture of it in my photos section in a day or two. Again thanks to all for your help.

7 Jun, 2021


glad you have an id for it now. look forward to seeing the photos.

9 Jun, 2021


Thank You. I will post a photo of it in a little blog today.

9 Jun, 2021

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