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Plant i.d please. Lots of people have left me plants to sell at my charity plant sale, not always labelled however so I have ended up with a ‘pot luck’ corner where I just don’t know what they are. The second photo is my pot luck bundle. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Top picture look like Alcea (Hollyhock) to me.The spikey-leaf ones in the second could be Scabious. The other broad-leaf could be a common primrose. Better idea if they were flowering.

4 Jun, 2021


Top photo look like Alcea to me too.

middle photo starting at the bottom, possible scabious. the 2 either side of it look like Campanula persicifolia
The one in the middle with the paler understem looks like an Echinops. The one to the right of that could be a primula or a verbascum. If it has spiny outgrowths on the leaf could well be a teasel.

Bottom photo could be Comfrey.

4 Jun, 2021


Thanks, that’s helped me label them up.

4 Jun, 2021

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