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no flowers on passiflora

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

My passiflora planted this year has grown vigoursly but not flowered,i have just left it to do its own thing but do i need to do anything to promote flowers next year?

On plant Passiflora caerulea



Hello Chapman33
We have had this question a couple of times this season it seems to be a regular occurence firstly is there any buds on it....secondly is it potted or in the ground and thirdly how did you recieve it...let me know and i will tell you what the problems could the meantime have a look at my photos theres loads of pasiflora because this is my favourite plant of all.
Best Wishes

24 Aug, 2008


Hi, no buds since i've had it, planted into the ground and bought it as a small plant from a local nursery, have added a pic to give you an idea of its location etc.
Thanks for your advice,

24 Aug, 2008


They can take a year or so to settle in, also it may be a seedling so not ready to flower yet. Mine gets hacked mercilously (it's growing along the fence in the alleyway) and flowers a lot. Once it gets going there will be no stopping it. I had one given to me in a small pot which I stood in the greenhouse against the wall, couldn't think what to do with it (I already had the alleyway!) eventually thought I'd give it to the charity plant sale, but when I picked it up it had rooted throught he bottom of the pot into the gap between the concrete and the wall.It regrows from this crack every year!!

24 Aug, 2008

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