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Preparing soil for plants in new border. I have recently got rid of some grass to make way for more plants. Yay!! The soil has been dug and raked but I still keep on finding grass roots. Before I start planting up new border would like to make sure that I don’t get grass shoots popping up everywhere. Is there anything I can do or use a treatment on soil? Not in a rush to plant up but would like to get some plants in before the ground gets too cold. Many thanks.

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when I did a border many years ago as it had ground elder in it I sieved/riddled it to remove finer roots etc. It worked really well.

18 Sep, 2021


Another approach if you have the patience is to plant just annuals the first year. Any grass that appears can be dug or pulled out and the ground cleared before Autumn planting next year.

There appears to be some grass in the border just by the fuchsia - best dig that out while you can!

Don't want to depress you but raking on its own probably won't be sufficient. Its often a case of hand weeding it a forkful at a time. It also depends what sort of grass it is - if you have some couch grass it needs a very thorough deep forking and hand weeding to get it all out (and then you always miss a bit...)

If you are wanting to plant shrubs why not buy them now and pot them up to stand on the soil to encourage yourself?

19 Sep, 2021


Think hand weeding and sieving the soil is the best option for now. Will persevere and see how I get on. Thanks for your wise answers.

19 Sep, 2021


Have fun!!

20 Sep, 2021


Thanks! Will spend an afternoon on my kneeling pad close to the ground trying to get them all out! I actually do like weeding and deadheading. By weeding I mean getting the small weeds and not letting it get out of hand, keeping on top of it.

20 Sep, 2021


If you run out of weeds do give me a call - there are enough here to satisfy anybody who likes weeding... (Been ill this summer and its all gone mad!)

20 Sep, 2021


I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully with temperatures dropping it will slow the weeds down.

20 Sep, 2021


Thank you! Hope springs eternal they say...

23 Sep, 2021


Once you’ve got all the grass out … slow work, I’m sorry … dig in Alpine gravel mixed with rotted farm manure / or soil improver. Your new plants will thank you!

27 Sep, 2021


Funny you should say that- just went yesterday to get soil improver!! Next job is to dig it in and then start with bulbs and a few perennials. The centre piece with be a DA rose Vanessa Bell my husband has gifted me for our 22nd wedding anniversary.

27 Sep, 2021

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