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Not a question!
Hope everyone in Britain is not too badly affected by Storm Arwen.
We have a lot of small stuff down from the trees, but nothing major (Bows to Hubris). Cold, but dry. No snow.
Stay safe folks.



Glad you haven't had too much damage Owdboggy, We didn't have any stormy weather here in Leigh-on-Sea Essex thank goodness but its flippin cold, just gone up to 5c now Whooo! Bikini Weather LOL xx
Take Care All xx

27 Nov, 2021


Not too badly affected thankfully, thank you. Snow for 2hrs last night that covered and stayed. All gone this am but heavy wind driven rain. Small branches down off the beech tree and a trough with 4 pots ended up in the pond. Trough recovered and only 1 plant. The rest must be at the bottom :o(
Air temp feels about 4 C in the wind. Bikini only if it is fur lined Rachel Welch style ;o)

27 Nov, 2021


No damage here thank goodness but lots of trees down in the surrounding area. The only bikini I'm having is a fur lines Onesie...

27 Nov, 2021


Thanks Owdboggy. A few thinner branches down is all here in Devon. We've been lucky. No fur-lined bikini for me but a fur coat would do the job.

28 Nov, 2021


I have spent the day shredding the twiggy stuff which falls off our trees. Had to do that as there was too much to go in the council compost bin.
As far as I can see there have been a few big branches off some of the dead trees where we walk but nothing major on the lanes near us.

28 Nov, 2021


Apparently there are some parts of the town where they have lost electricity. Did not know that until tonight.

28 Nov, 2021


We had some of the worst of it. Many trees down but, thankfully, quick action cleared them enough to re-open roads. My friend had a power cut from 8pm Friday and on Saturday morning I brought her here to stay. Latest estimate is that her power should be back by 8pm on Monday.

At 1445 this afternoon (Sunday, over 42 hours after the power went off) the local council emergency alert team sent an email suggesting it might be a good idea to go and stay with friends if you were getting cold!

28 Nov, 2021


Interesting, we would not be able to read an Email if we had no power to work the computer. Kind action from you.

29 Nov, 2021


Yes that sounds typical of the councils. Good of you to take her in.

That's the problem with life being so techy now.

29 Nov, 2021


Thanks. Her power is now back and she's home and warm.

The email thing reminded me of a thing in the '70s though not in the UK.

I rang to report that our business wasn't getting incoming calls. We could dial out but not receive calls. The telephone company person said 'We'll look into it and ring you back' and hung up.

29 Nov, 2021


Good to hear that is back on. There are still a few properties round here without.
Reminds me of a friend's standard reply to cold callers. "You must have the wrong number. There is no telephone here!"

29 Nov, 2021


Love it!

3 Dec, 2021


So many homes still without power after a week! So much for privatisation of utilities. If it was still nationalised, the govt would have called on overseas assistance, mainly from Ireland. Sorry to get political on a gardening site but it's awful to see people suffering in a rich economy.

4 Dec, 2021


It doesn’t seem to have improved for these people, and by the sounds of it, bad weather returning in the next few days too.
Just been looking at the updated pics online, sad to see this is ongoing in modern times and as you say, Merlin, in a first world country too.
We’ve been fortunate here in East Yorkshire, in fact, despite it being very cold, we have a mix of sleety showers and sunshine this morning.

5 Dec, 2021

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