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Storm damage. I hope your gardens haven’t been too damaged by storm Arwen. I didn’t sleep a wink last night and went out to survey my garden and found my large pot with Piers forest flame had been blown over resulting in a branch being snapped off. My question is can I pot this up in the hope it will take and create another plant? Any advice on how best to give this branch a lease of life would be much appreciated.

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By rights..........You can quite easily propagate the shrub Forest Flame from cuttings.
The best time for this is late July/August using semi-ripe shoots. The cuttings need to be approximately three to four inches long - cut just below a leaf joint and remove the lower leaves.

But being me I would at least try & take some cuttings off it & put in a greenhouse or frame over the winter, be nice if it did work for you, if it doesn't so be it, I always like to try LOL x
Good Luck

27 Nov, 2021


The whole branch wont 'take' but those green stems that are just turning brown should strike well. I'd be tempted to put some in the cool outdoors and some in an slightly warmer place to simulate July /August temps. Then fingers crossed.

Remove the flower buds though as they will prevent root formation. They produce a hormone that inhibits root development.

27 Nov, 2021


Thanks. I have taken some cuttings and will put in window sill in utility and see how we go.

27 Nov, 2021

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