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Dahlia tubers. I planted my dahlia tubers (3x) back in mid march in soil and have kept them frost free and put them outdoors in sun during the daytime. However, they have not sprouted yet and when I dug them up to see if anything had been eating them and there is no growth or rot?? A bit miffed.... my question is should I perservere or just assume they've died? Thanks



mine are not above ground yet and if there is no rot then why assume they are dead. Mine often don't appear until mid May. Perhaps its been a bit chilly outside on some days. Keep them under cover and see if that brings results.

16 Apr, 2022


Ok will do. Maybe just being impatient! Thanks

16 Apr, 2022


Don't forget that tubers will not shoot, there needs to be a stem with them.

16 Apr, 2022


I think you re being impatient, assuming your tubers are firm & not dried out wrecks.

I agree with SBG, give them time and kept them inside if you want to give thema a start, but TBH there's no rush, ,once the real warmer weather arives they'll be off

No sign of mine outside FWIW, but I know they are there as they have been for years

17 Apr, 2022


Ok, I will wait with patience! Thank you for your comments.

17 Apr, 2022


They’ve since started to sprout! 👏

21 Apr, 2022


patience is a virtue ;-)

22 Apr, 2022


Yes so true. Thank you.

23 Apr, 2022


brilliant news Amsterdam.

23 Apr, 2022


Thanks Seaburngirl. Came across a forgotten pot in garage with dahlia tuber wrapped in newspaper. I promptly potted it up today! Oops….

24 Apr, 2022

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