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When to sow Tomato seed

Worcester, United Kingdom Gb

Is it too early to sow tomato seed in a small propergater which is housed in a just frost free greenhouse ?

On plant Lycopersicon esculentum (Tomato)



Much too early. I reckon to sow the second half of March. Once your seedlings are too big for the propogator, they won't like sitting around in a cold greenhouse. Last year I didn't sow until April but they grew away well and had pretty well caught up to the usual size by the end of May.

13 Jan, 2008


i have'nt grown tomatoes for a few years - as i have'nt had a greenhouse for a few years! so it's my first try in my new greenhouse this year, and i was planning a bit of an experiement to see what works best. my greenhouse is unheated, and i don't have much room in the house for propergaters. so what i am going to do is sow a few in the cold greenhouse every couple of weeks from the begining of march onwards and once all of my other plants geraniums, agave ect move out after the danger of frost has gone i can chose the ones that have worked best to pot up into grow bags. and i should have a better idea of when to sow them next year. but Andrew is right i would'nt attempt it before March, but i gues it would also depend on where you are in the UK as to how soon you can start - i am in the south east, so we are quite lucky with weather (most of the time!)

14 Jan, 2008


Thankyou Andrew & Majeekahead for your welcome help. How nice to have more experienced gardeners ready to advize !

I can put off the sowing of my toms now,until I return from a long awaited holiday. ( Where it is hot ) Thanks again.

14 Jan, 2008


Good for you Justvera, now i am jellous! and Andrew is very experienced - i am a florist with a bit of general knowledge in gardening, mainly through trial and error (to be honest more error than anything lol) - but then its sometimes the best way to learn. but i like to help as and when i can. Hope you have a lovely holiday!

14 Jan, 2008


Another tip for starting tomato seeds - put the seed tray/pots of newly sown seed in the airing cupboard. Check daily and when the first one starts to push through the compost, have the whole lot out and into the light.

14 Jan, 2008


I have been growing tomatoes for a few year now and tend to start them March but this year I am starting them inside at the end of this month. Want them to get of to a real good start.

I would also recommend when using grow bags not to just plant in the bag but get a desent sized plant pot (bet you have plenty around) cut the bottom out and place this in the grow bag add addition soil and pop your tomatoes plant in this.


14 Jan, 2008


thats a good tip Ainsjane, but do you mind if i ask why? is it to do with dranage? cos i had planned on poking holds in the bottom of the bag. my greenhouse base is concrete. when i grew them a few years ago i did use big pots and found that they dried out very quickly. i have never grown them in bags before but thought it would help keep moisture in as they can be quite thirsty can't they.

14 Jan, 2008


It was a Alan Titchmarsh tip - You get a better root ball and it also helps to retain water better. I purchased the rings as they have two sections one two water and one two feed. They are not cheap but well worth the purchase for better yeald. Harrods Hortricultural website is one of the best as there prices are very competive. I also use them to grow peppers.



27 Jan, 2008

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