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Should I pinch out Vine Tomatoes side shoots?

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

I have grown some Tumbling tom Red & Yellow Vine Tomatoes. I have heard that you don't pinch out the side shoots and growing tips of vine tomatoes like you would on the upright variety. Can anyone give me some advice on whether this is true.

On plant Lycopersicon esculentum




Hi Andrearichter I sown my Tumbling Tom Red seeds yesterday and you are correct with what you have heard about this variety.

It is pretty easy to get going you don't need to pinch out or do anything really with it other than water it and give it a good feed
...I wish you well with your crop I'm sure you will have a stunning display in your hanging baskets in next to no time at

31 Mar, 2008


Just to add that I like to have some tumblers in tubs next to my chair out in the garden. Nothing better than to sit out there and pick them straight from the vine. Beutiful, as Sir Bernard would say.

1 Apr, 2008


I dare bet vistors to your garden do just the same Len only maybe a little on the

2 Apr, 2008


Bernard Mathews the Turkey Torturer of old Norfolk Town!!!

2 Apr, 2008

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