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I have a small new strawberry bed now in its second year. It seems to be doing very well and there are lots of red fruits. However they are rather hard and not very sweet. Even the birds don't seem very interested!Do you think this might be lack of sunshine and rain? Must confess I haven't watered.



probably lack of water more than anything. though sunshine will help with sweetening.

17 Jun, 2022


Yes they do like plenty of water, Sue. Maybe itโ€™s not too late if you can give them a good drenching?

18 Jun, 2022


Thank you. I thought it would be lack of sun! Anyway it has rained very nicely this afternoon, which will do such a lot of good all round as the ground has been parched.

18 Jun, 2022


Yes, I was glad to see the rain too ๐Ÿ™‚.

18 Jun, 2022


Well after just two days they have improved quite a lot. They were fit to cook with some rather grotty rhubarb this lunch time (another thing that needed more water). Both were fine cooked and some whipped cream was an improvement as well! (Tip for rhubarb - you need a lot less sugar if you sprinkle a little bicarbonate of soda over the cooked rhubarb - it needs a lot less sweetening (but it does froth up rather alarmingly at first...)

19 Jun, 2022

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