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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Was told that orchids, peace lillies and spider plants helped get rid of condensation, then my knowledgeable daughter Told me they made very little difference.



Are your walls sweating in your house other than a poorly ventilated bathroom? If they are you must have this serious problem looked into. BTW, your daughter is correct.

23 Dec, 2022


it isn't true I am afraid. Do you know where the condensation is coming from? We have quite a bit on the inside of the windows in the cooler bedrooms. After the very cold spell the warmer humid air will probably be the cause of the condensation.

We just wiped them with a chamois leather, cleaned them at the same time haha!

23 Dec, 2022


Great to see you back Hank.

23 Dec, 2022



24 Dec, 2022

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