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Is any member getting anything on goy, I seem to be blocked at the minute...I have unblocked my security to put this question up, obviously cannot leave it like that but I'm unable to comment or post anywhere else....



Oh no Lincs!

So far I am not having any problems, though I did have to sign in on Saturday. I usually dont. So not sure what is going on for you.
Hope it is resolved soon.

26 Dec, 2022


Thankyou Seaburn, this is the only page I can access at the moment, it really is beyond my comprehension, I couldn't put my Christmas Greetings up or anything else, which I felt really bad about... Seasons Greetings to You and Your Family xxx

26 Dec, 2022


The last few days I did have a screen freeze where I did make a comment but was not able to add it, in addition there were times then the site would not fully open. It seemed to resolve when I shut down and reopened again.

26 Dec, 2022


No problems here so far, fingers crossed. Maybe your computer has been overindulging...

26 Dec, 2022


Thankyou All....Hoping you all had a lovely Christmas...xx

27 Dec, 2022


Hope it all returns to normal for you very soon Lincs - I hope you had a lovely time over Christmas and a very happy new year to you too.

8 Jan, 2023

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