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I would like some foxgloves that will self seed. Will the ones sold as 'dalmatian' do this, or some described as 'digitalis mixed'?



Digitalis is the general genus with the wild native being Digitalis purpurea and is a species and Dalmation series is just a variety of the native one. They wont come true from seed. So lets say you have a pretty white one and collect the seed you may get totally different colours when they flower.
All the native ones will self-seed freely.

15 Jan, 2023


Too freely!

15 Jan, 2023


Thank you.I had wondered whether they would be sterile. I don't mind if they come up in other colours. I have bought several over the years but even if not eaten by slugs they have rarely survived for a second season.

15 Jan, 2023


once they have flowered and set seed they do die. They are biennials, so foliage year one then flowers & seeds year two and then death.

15 Jan, 2023


Thanks Sbg. I think I'll go for the native one in the hope of seedlings as it has not happened for me in the past. Lucky Owdboggy!

17 Jan, 2023

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