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One of the Victoria's (Vancouver Island) garden centers has a good selection of Sarah Raven seeds(first time I have seen these)...... Some that are not easily to get here so, my question for people who have experience with them .....are these good quality seeds with high germination ratio?
We have few seed companies here that dominate the market and it is always the same old, same old.



Same here. Its a fairly high quality setup so I reckon worth the risk. (although I did buy a small shrub a whle back which was very small and also imported which was not what I was expecting..)The tulip bulbs were excellent.

11 Feb, 2023


I bought Sarah Raven’s sweet pea seeds last year and they all germinated very well. I often buy her plug plants too… she is very reliable, and will replace plants without question if there is anything wrong.
Go for it Klahanie! X

12 Feb, 2023


Sarah Raven is one of the "good guys" Klahanie.

13 Feb, 2023


I've had her seed before and I got a good germination rate with them all.
so yes go for them.

13 Feb, 2023

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