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This week we have had to repair and refurbish our pool...I can only describe the lily as a 'monster' was very difficult to remove...OH had to saw it in a few places.Have decided not to replace it.It seemed to dominate the pool.
On a more positive note could anyone suggest some manageable marginal plants or surface growing ones.



Irises.decorative rushes (sorry can't remember the name but they have tiny little hedgehog flowers -our pond suppliers called them flying hedgehogs)Mimulus at the edges. Greater spearwort. Marsh marigold.(But I'm sure you know all these anyway...) Frogbit for a bit of shading if you can't have a lily. Purple loosetrife. Ragged Robin.

1 Mar, 2023


Bog bean is a good surface plant and provides shade and it is a native. {I could spare a piece from my pond if you'd like to try a little bit. There are smaller less rampant lilies available.

water mint is also a good plant.

1 Mar, 2023


Stera, I've looked up the flying hedgehogs...they seem rather cute...
Eileen, not heard of bog bean...thank you for your kind have more than enough to do with the wedding preparations.
Lovely selection of aquatics from both of you.Thank you .We have a 'World of water'not far away...I will wait a couple of weeks before visiting.

2 Mar, 2023

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