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I want to create a small wild flower area in my garden. The space currently has rather poor weedy grass. How do I prepare the space for seeding?



that is good that the soil is poor. rake out the grass or at least 50% of it. rough up the soil surface. Select the wildflower seed you'd like to grow and then scatter the seed on the bare soil, loosely rake the seed in and keep watered.

alternatively you will be able to buy wildflower plug plants to plant into your garden. To keep the grass down yellow rattle is a semi parasitic plant that feeds on grass, but is an annual.

Chose wildflowers that you find in your area as they will have a better chance of growing well.

27 Jul, 2023



27 Jul, 2023


Seaburngirl is right Ashley. I tried this year but didn’t rake out nearly enough grass. Also I should have watered the area copiously, but didn’t. Hope you can learn from my mistakes!

27 Jul, 2023


Thankyou. I’ll remember to rake and water like mad! When is the best time for sowing?

28 Jul, 2023


Many British natives are setting seed now, so the seed sown now will be fine, though many may not germinate until spring.

28 Jul, 2023



29 Jul, 2023

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