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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

I want Erythroniums and ordered some from Hayloft Nursery but they are rubbish - like dry empty husks. I don't think anything will come of them.

Does any one know if Parker's is good ? I have seen them on there and don't know whether to order them or not.

I've had bulbs from Farmer Gracy several times but they are mostly rubbish. Few come up and the ones that do are not very good, so I don't want to try there.



I have regularly had excellent bulbs from Parkers. The erythroniums I bought 5 years ago all grew bar one. They are an irregular yellowy bulb with out a 'coat'. A bit like a brazil nut for 'texture'.

On the odd occasion there have been problems I have taken photos and sent them feed back. They have always refunded or replaced without quibble.

15 Oct, 2023


Potterton's are very good too.
We have bought ours at times from ordinary Garden Centres. Bit pricey, but they are generally ok.

15 Oct, 2023


Thank you both :)

15 Oct, 2023


I’ve given up on Hayloft Hywel! Beth Chatto is reliable and has several Erythroniums, but mostly are “being propagated” at this time.

16 Oct, 2023


I would look out for a local garden centre selling 'Taylors Bulbs'. They seen to be a quality supplier of bulbs across the country and you can see before you buy. Just as a footnote, I always keep the packaging of seeds and bulbs just in case of failures.

16 Oct, 2023


Thanks for all your replies, they are very helpful :)

17 Oct, 2023

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