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Stipa tenuissima, (Mexican Feather). I have seen these on offerin 10.5 cm containers. If I buy them now, how would I best overwinter them? Straight into the garden, (clay), or in a cold conservatory? Do they need a specific compost? Thanks.



I don't grow it but it doesn't seem to be fussy. If your garden isn't waterlogged I'd plant them out where you want them to grow.

Link to the RHS site

4 Nov, 2023


These are very small plants which are often purchased by garden centres and nurseries to grow on. Even if they are going cheap, I would give them a miss at the moment. Perhaps wait until the spring before purchasing them and let someone else overwinter them.

5 Nov, 2023


I do grow them, Penny, and find they are perfectly hardy in the garden. But, if they are very small then I would take Jimmy’s advice.

5 Nov, 2023


Many thanks all, I will leave them for now.

8 Nov, 2023

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