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Shropshire, United Kingdom

Soil mix for a Tamarisk Tetandra in a large pot. I just wanted to check before I plant his shrub in a large pot that a mix of John Innes no.3 with some and leafmould and some grit for drainage would be a good mix for the Tamarisk to thrive in a pot? Anything else I should add? Any idea what the ratio should be? A third of each? Many thanks. Happy gardening this weekend although there are some showers forecast here in Shropshire.....



I would say that JI number 3 would be OK on its own or even your mix. The shrub/tree would be a problem for me being grown in even a large container. I think that it will require very regular watering and will quickly outgrow the container. Best grown in the ground would be my advice. Sorry to be a killjoy!

27 Apr, 2024


Thanks for the advice however I will give it a go in a large container and see how it goes.....

27 Apr, 2024


Your mix sounds fine but you don’t need as much as a third of grit … a few good handfuls mixed in is always a good idea. The large pot should be fine - once the roots have filled the pot (ie are contained) the tree won’t be able to grow much more.

27 Apr, 2024


Sheila you are quite right in the fact that a pot of roots can stunt the growth but the roots will displace the soil; the water and feed will quickly run through and you then might have a problem in trying to prune the roots.

27 Apr, 2024


I wasn’t thinking of pruning the roots Jimmy … too difficult in a big pot. In my experience a potted tree just stops growing after a few years.

27 Apr, 2024

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