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Widening my perennial border

Shropshire, United Kingdom

UPDATE- Widening my perennial border. With the help of my lovely gardener, we managed to widen my border. Although the soil looks great, it’s rather compacted. My question is do I need to add any nutrients to soil and dig it over before planting perennials? Hope you all have a lovely Bank holiday weekend.

So I started to dig in the manure, a rather smelly job! Then I positioned the plants, had a bit move around and finally planted them all in. Please to say that only 6 plants out of 23 were shop bought. The rest were all homegrown, self seeded or divided perennials. It looks a bit bare but it will soon fill out. Hope you like it.



Yes is the short answer. There will have been little nutrition added while the soil was covered in grass, so putting 'muck' in it would help any new planting.

3 May, 2024


So digging in garden manure? Also digging it up to aerate the soil & get rid of compaction. Guess I’ve got a bit of work to do before planting….

3 May, 2024


Yep!. Been there doing that. At least you are not finding a very old lime pit under your soil which is what I have done today. Filled 4 compost bags with the old lime. No wonder nothing grows on this patch.
Have fun.

3 May, 2024


yes dig in some compost/mulch etc. The removal of the compaction as you dig in the manure will help aerate it too.

3 May, 2024


Thanks guys, will set to work!

4 May, 2024


Love the serpentine lines of your garden! Do show us when you have planted it up!

6 May, 2024

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