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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England

Hello everyone, I've not been able to log in for quite a few days. Amazingly I've got through to the questions.
Could anyone please report this for me? I'm having withdrawal symptoms! ...:))



It seems to take a lot longer than any other site to get in. I usually open another Tab while I wait. Can take five minutes at times.

28 Jun, 2024


Same here with 3 days of '504 Bad Gateway' message! It is now 8am on Saturday and I have logged in without issue ... hooray!

29 Jun, 2024


I reported it a few days ago. I've heard nothing (that isn't unusual) but it's working better today, although still a bit slow.

29 Jun, 2024


Janey,it is so frustrating...on Saturday it did seem to respond smoothly but now I can see the gremlins are beginning to return again.

1 Jul, 2024


I've reported it again, it's hopeless :( I don't think there's anyone 'looking after' it.

1 Jul, 2024


Thanks Hywel for doing that!

1 Jul, 2024


I've heard apparently there's some work that needs doing to the site. It is being looked at.

2 Jul, 2024


Thanks so much everyone and for reporting it Hywel. It is very annoying and pretty sad after all these years that it's not being looked after, there's so many adverts too poking their way in.
Let's hope soon they will sort it out!

7 Jul, 2024


Janey, I recall this happening last year and wondered if members, like myself, would happily pay an annual fee of perhaps £20 to keep the site going. Mind you, it's beyond me how to put that in place ... :o)

My daughter reckons the domain could be purchased and kept going with minimum funds.

14 Jul, 2024


Well I would be happy with that Shirley, as you say how would it be implemented, probably like paying for anything off the internet. I wonder if Terratoonie still has anything to do with the site?

14 Jul, 2024


Janey, her last blog was in June 2023. I see she joined in 2008 and guess she is one of the first GoY members.

14 Jul, 2024


Terratoonie joined just after me (I had a different name in those days)
I don't think she has anything to do with the running of the site, other than being in charge of a goypedia page.

14 Jul, 2024


Yes, me too Hywel, 2008. I remember yours was Blodyn after your pretty cat.
Well things seem to be quite a bit better Shirley right now.

16 Jul, 2024


It's just a shame that my news page says 'Untitled' on all photos, blogs and questions so I have no idea what I am looking at. Perhaps I should message Dave, but I would think he has been inundated with queries!

16 Jul, 2024

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