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ideas for front garden please?

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I like the idea of an easily maintained garden, and want something with a very modern look. At the moment i have lawn with a boarder on one side, but i want to get rid of all the lawn and gravel the whole of the front garden instead. Both my husband and myself are not keen garderners and because we both work full time, we have not got the energy to keep up high maintenance. we have a section that lies underneath the front widow that is just soil, so i have decided to put pots either side, and not gravel that part as i think that the garden may require at least some colour. is there anything else that i could put into the soil inbetween pots to add colour, ground cover plants for e.g? and could you suggest anything else that would break up the gravel look(a centre peice of some kind for e.g) dont really want flowers or plants, just want to stick to plants under the window inbetween pots. do you know of any sites that shows you ideas on mainly gravelled front gardens? so, in a nutshell, easy maintained front garden, modern looking with just a hint of colour. not asking for much am i!!!! hope you can help. Thank you.



hi there i having the same sort of idea changing my front garden at the moment it is just horrible there is some grass and a couple of borders, one under the window and also another along the right side. I personally am going to rip it all out and have decided on a three circle plan with the largest circle made up of reclaimed bricks. more like a spiral with a gap between each course for alpine planting etc and in the largest spiral an ornamental tree, once planted up i will then shingle the remaining garden. The front door is having a small brick path leading to the front / entrance from street.A small fence is going around to stop unwanted people cutting across it all. It took me some time to decide as yes i want it to look lovely but i also want low maintenance. I sat out front with a pad and just kept trying to visualise the garden bare , then i thought that i would keep a couple of existing bushes and kept fiddling with ideas and shapes which i thought would look great as a base to work from. I am also hopeing to have some tall pots and shrubs either side of the door to frame it well. Browse through some gardening books and mags for inspiration, once they start flowing you wont be able to stop them. good luck !!

1 Sep, 2008


A large empty pot would make just as good centrepiece as a planted one. Or a statue or large piece of driftwood. A number of larger stones or small rocks laid in a pattern, either formal or informal, would break up the gravel. Take a trip to local Garden Centres and see what ornamental things they have got

1 Sep, 2008

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