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can i grow magnolia grandifloria in a pot for to grow as a small tree



Not really, it grows to 90 feet tall

1 Dec, 2010


Exactly what my response was going to be mg.

2 Dec, 2010


unless you bonsei it ofcourse shirts.

2 Dec, 2010


I can't imagine what a Magnolia would look like as a bonsai pretty odd I would have thought with the large flowers.

2 Dec, 2010


your probably right moon grower but there are also bigger bonsei trees/shrubs to .

2 Dec, 2010


Actually there are many, many selections of M. grandiflora available these days, some of which are quite dwarf and suitable for container cultivation - so long as the container is sufficiently large.

M. grandiflora 'Little Gem' is probably the most widely available dwarf cultivar, growing more slowly than the typical species to around 3 metres (after many years).

Other dwarf cultivars include 'Galissonniere Nana', 'Teddy Bear' - with very heavily felted foliage - and 'Nana Flore Pleno' which has semi-double flowers.

2 Dec, 2010


good answer ilex .

2 Dec, 2010


Yes, Ilex is right about needing a large container for a small tree and I agree with Moongrower that a bonsai version would look odd. I grow a lot of bonsai, but have never tried it with Wisteria (for example) because the leaves get smaller over the years but not the flowers, so it looks very top-heavy. All a question of balance I guess.

3 Dec, 2010


ow im not sure it would look good i was just answering the question . i think lots of things are possible . who ever would of thaught you could shrink trees and put them in little shallow pots realy lol .

4 Dec, 2010


Yes, NP, it's amazing . . . tho' we don't "shrink" trees, just trim their roots and their branches once a year in Spring. I do it so that I can see the form of a tree at close quarters, like Copper beech, or Whitebeam, and enjoy seeing how the leaves grow smaller each year (and the berries!). I find it absorbing, but - luckily - we're all different!

4 Dec, 2010


definatly sheila there realy just stunted as ive planted a couple of bonzei as thow there interesting i like things to grow as they should in that way sais me training a cherry tree to be a cimber lol .

4 Dec, 2010

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