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Hi, I have a cordyline in my back garden which has, like many others, suffered in the bad UK weather recently, all the leaves (altho still green) are falling off but I intend to leave that hoping it will get better when we get some sun...!

What I wanted to ask you all is I've noticed some kind of pink gooey stuff at the base of the trunk and wandered what this is? Has my cordy died? Is there a way of getting rid of this stuff so it doesn't come back?

Any advice would be much apppreciated, it's about 15 foot high and would be a great loss to my garden.

Thanks in advance.

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That pink gooey stuff is rotting innards! I bet that if you push the stem it'll quite easily bend and collapse at that 'gooey' point! If it does, then cut off the stem, back to sound wood (which may, or may not, be very much), and perhaps a latent bud or two might sprout from low down to (ultimately) make strong new growth. If it looks awful, you may want to remove it and buy another. Worthy

21 Jan, 2011


Yes I would leave well alone untill the warmer weather, my phormium is looking sad as well but no wonder after all that white stuff we have had! wait and tidy it up end of April time, if its 15' it will afford to lose some fronds.

21 Jan, 2011


As Worthy says, because its rotting, you'll need to cut back now, beyond the soggy part, if you can.

21 Jan, 2011


Thanks very much for the advice!

22 Jan, 2011

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