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storing chilli peppers


By Racheal

London, United Kingdom

I noticed some of you have grown fantastic chilli peppers. I have several plants with many chilli's on but they are not red. I'm new to this and not sure if I should pick them now as it is getting cold. Will they go red indoors. How should I store them?



The answers to your questions depends on what you want and what variety of Chili pepper you have. You can let ANY pepper get ripe (usually this means turn red, but depends on variety). Some peppers traditionally are allowed to ripen and some not. I grow Jalapeno's which I pick green, and Cayenne's which I allow to turn red. I do it this way because it is traditionally how these peppers are used. But you could do exactly the opposite if desired. As for storage, I store all of mine in the freezer, when I need one for a recipe I take it out and give it about 5 mins. to thaw enough to cut up. There are some of the thin fleshed peppers which can be dried and stored to use later. Cayennes are a thin fleshed pepper that can be dried, I prefer to freeze. And finally, yes they will ripen after picking AS LONG AS they have started to ripen before picking. I hope this has helped you some, if you have more questions please ask. NOW what kind of chili peppers are you growing? What do you plan to use them for?

28 Sep, 2008


Wohlibuli thanks for the answer. Very useful. I tried Cayenne and one called Anaheim. To be honest I had no idea what i was doing. But have had reasonable success.I love chilli, so I use it whenever I can. I tried garlic in pots as well this year, but no success there at all. Still will try again.

28 Sep, 2008


Hi, I recently moved home and took my chillis, etc, with me. As I do not have a greenhouse at present, they are all indoors and continue to ripen on the plants. As for storage I do all the following: string up and hang to dry, freeze, and grate into small grains or flakes (this last is the most hazardous, though).

29 Sep, 2008


Hi, I've grown small to medium sized chilli peppers (sorry have no idea as to the "brand") and allow them to stay on the plant for as long as possible to ripen but if actual plant starts to "turn bad" ( as opposed to just gradually drying out, then I pick them and let green ones ripen indoors. with ripe ones I don a pair of rubber gloves - absolute must and whatever you do DO NOT rub your eyes or nose else you will know about it - and chop up the chilli into very small strips and freeze. this way I can use as much or as little as I want at any one time.

29 Sep, 2008


You are very welcome, Cayennes are spicy and the Anaheims you have are more of a mild chili pepper, they are very good for making Chili Rellenos, or stuffed chilis.

29 Sep, 2008

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