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Soft fruits in pots


By Potman

United States

I want to grow some raspberries and gooseberries in pots, can someone please advise me what size pots are best? I know there will be only one gooseberry to a pot but how many raspberry canes?

Many thanks



just ensure the pots are big enough for the roots to get sufficient food and water - they will not like drying out. Raspberry canes might do better in a large trough - they are shallow-rooting so it would need to be wide. Mulch well and feed them all through the growing season.

29 Sep, 2008


Er how many plants?? Seriously I have just had some raspberrys in a large pot 2 ft across by 2ft deep I had no where available to put them and they havent done well at all. Both Rasps and Goosgogs like a cool root run and during the hot spell (yes think back) the rasps did suffer, whereas my rasps in the plot really took off. All of them where watered almost daily during the hot spell (remember?) but the pot grown ones have struggled.

30 Sep, 2008

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