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Pears dropping off!


By Nouska

United Kingdom

Firstly, thanks to everyone who replied to my begonia query.My next problem is: I have 3 young pear trees (various varieties) all of which produced what looked to be very promising looking fruit. There were only about half a dozen on each but all looked healthy enough until for no apparent reason they all started falling off before reaching fruition. The trees all look healthy, have plenty of light & don't lack water (obviously!). Is there anything I should have done that I haven't? Please advise all you experienced pear producers!! Thanks to Owdboggy fo your answer but the problem is that the pears are dropping off when they're still really small-about a third of the size of a fully grown fruit so it's really the question of premature dropping that bothers me. Any ideas??
Owdboggy! I think you have hit the proverbial nail on the head-these trees are mere slips of things being only 3 years old so it seems as tho' it'll be a couple of years yet before I can proudly claim they outstrip anything I can buy!! Thanks for putting my mind at rest!



Pears generally do not ripen on the tree. You need to remove the fruit when they begin to drop and ripen them in a cool dark place. Keep an eye on them as they do have a nasty habit of going ripe and rotting within minutes!

30 Sep, 2008


I think the answer might be that these are young trees. Very often they form fruit, but do not feel able to carry it to ripeness and drop them early. I would suggest that all you need is a little patience and your trees will begin to produce as they get older. They are healthy enough by the sound of it. Pears are notorious for waiting unil they are at least 5 years or even older before beginning to fruit properly.

1 Oct, 2008


I have a pear tree over 100 years old that has recently started dropping tiny dried up pears. very few seem to reach maturity. It used to drop hundreds of great tasting pears, but no longer, so I don't believe the problem is due to age. Some dry up on the tree and fall already dried up while others fall first as tiny green pears and turn black. Anyone have any ideas?

4 Jun, 2018


I have the same problem and it is not age for me either. I have commercially grafted tree with several types of pears next to a tiny Bartlett that I grafted two years ago. The Bartlett produced two full-size healthy pears the second year while the commercially grafted pear tree only drops tiny immature fruit. Can anyone help with this?

7 Jun, 2018

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