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caring for cordyline palm

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will i have to bring them in greenhouse for the winter or cover them? do you need to feed them in winter?

On plant Cordyline australis



Hi Taxianne,
You dont feed in winter, But some protection is needed, I tie the leaves up with Dressinggown belt, or a tie, anything soft really,(as to not cut into foliage) Tie quite tightly so they gather up to a point because they dont like snow lying on them, This method has worked for me....

30 Sep, 2008


Covering it is a safe bet but you may not need to if you are in a mild area. I have never covered my cordyline at all and it's a red one which I think are supposed to be more tender than the green. I think to some extent it depends where you live - I get one or two days of snow per year usually.

1 Oct, 2008


I have never protected mine and always leave the berries on for long-tailed tits. I live in Devon which is mild in winter, although we had some heavy frosts last year and even snow on one occasion.

1 Oct, 2008

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