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Hello there, I have just moved to a flat with a small town garden. I wish to cover the back wall which is a brick garage with a fast growing cover of green or green and flower. The wall is East facing and gets sun for about 4-5 hours around midday.Thank you. Martin



Martin, I'm somewhat confused - you say its east facing, but that it gets 4 hours of sun around midday - if its east facing, it catches the early morning sun up until 12 ish I'd have thought. Please say what part of the country you're in - east facing can be a cold position in winter, so it makes a difference to what you can grow depending where you are.

31 Mar, 2011


virginia creeper is tough and quick growing .

31 Mar, 2011


Bamboo and Noseypotter.
Thank you for you replies.
Ps I live in Middlesex

3 Apr, 2011


your more than welcome .

4 Apr, 2011


Here's a few for you to consider - some will need a support system (clematis mesh, wires and eyelets, trellis, depending on the plant, others are self clinging):
Akebia quinata; Clematis Hagley Hybrid; Clematis Nelly Moser; Schizophragma integrifolia; Hydrangea anomala; Hedera helix varieties (choose a small one); Garrya elliptica (evergreen, but not a climber, more of a wall shrub, can be pruned flat back against the wall). If you like one or two and are not sure what kind of support would be best, add another query under this question - I'll see it and can advise.

4 Apr, 2011


i would support them anyway to help them spread in the way you want and you can train them to in that way .

5 Apr, 2011

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