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How many Oxalis triangularis corms per pot?

West Somerset, England Eng

I have managed to buy some corms to grow this lovely plant and I wonder if anyone could please tell me how many I should plant per pot to make a good-sized clump in each pot?

On plant Oxalis




Spritzhenry. I have oxalis iron-cross and love the red flowers (I believe that triangularis flowers are pink) and variegated leaves in summer in the garden.

Depends on the size of the pot I suppose (as I said mine are bedded out) but I would allow about 4" between corms if I were to pot them up maybe 3" if you want a compact display.

13 Oct, 2008


Yes, I've got Iron Cross too - in the borders. I'll try maybe 4 or 5 per pot and see what happens, I think. Thanks for the answer. They make such lovely house-plants. BTW the flowers are white!

13 Oct, 2008


Sure they are. I am not very observant at 7 a.m. (or any other time). The flowers are white on the purpurea on the green one they are pink.

13 Oct, 2008


Sarra, I suppose I could turn detective and turn out the pot (I bought this potful) and see how many corms there are in it - but I am enjoying the plant and flowers so I don't really want to!

13 Oct, 2008


If you want a nice full clump in your pot I would plant closer than 4 inches , I would at the most 2 inches. They multiply so fast next year you will have at least double the amount.

13 Oct, 2008


That is exactly why I wouldn't put them in too close together Wyeboy. They will spread anyway and be more manageable. Still as many things with gardening, I suppose you 'pays yer money and takes yer choice'.

14 Oct, 2008


Ah, but Sarraceniac you can do the same next year and give a pot to your friends.!!!

14 Oct, 2008


Ah, friends. Yes I had one of those once. LoL.

14 Oct, 2008


I was hoping to keep a potful for me, and sell the rest when I open the garden! Well, it all goes to charity, doesn't it...

14 Oct, 2008


If I'd known, I'd have waited to get some from you mail order. I saw yours and then just went and bought some on eBay for my new 'black' plants area round my little water feature. And I'm not in a rush either. Ah well.

14 Oct, 2008


1. They have to grow,
2. It would cost you so much to travel down here (I'm not doing mail order hehe)
3. You'd have to pay to get in the garden in June
4. I haven't a clue what to charge for the plants I am growing for the plant stall!

All in all, Sarra, you did the right thing. I reckon a potful might have cost you- hmmmm - around a hundred quid.

P.S. I am not really boasting about getting in the Yellow book - 'cos I am petrified about it! All the 'what-ifs' keep hitting me!

14 Oct, 2008


I will look out for you in the Yellow Book, I am sure all will be fine, I am an assistant organiser in our county. A small pot of your Oxalis would be worth £2 at least. Best of luck and I hope the weather is good to you Spritz.

19 Oct, 2008


You are right about value. Mine just arrived. Although the auction price was only .99p there was shipping of £3 on top and although it was described as ex 1litre pot, I easily popped it into a 3" one. Not complaining though, just telling you. Not very easy to get.


22 Oct, 2008

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