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I have a climbing rose which is growing vigorously but has no buds, neither did it last year.
Unfortunately I do not know the type. It was given as a present with no label attached. It is growing straight up and no attempt has been made to bend it to restrict the sap. It has not been pruned as it was only planted in Spring of last year. It had no buds last year. It has not been given anything special in the way of fertiliser except for some horse manure this year (about March).
It has to my way of thinking, quite large leaves and the stems are quite 'fleshy' as opposed to two other climbers I have which have smaller leaves and are much more thorny and have several buds on them. All three are growing on a North-west facing wall.



Any chance of a photograph of the plant?

30 Apr, 2011


North facing walls are not the best place for most roses which will only produce flowers if they have sufficient light. Do you know the variety? Sometimes they bloom on one year old wood as side shoots, so maybe soon! I would definitely try to bend and tie down the long stems to encourage side shoots. Also feed with a rose fertiliser.

30 Apr, 2011


Thanks for your advice, I'll follow that and see what happens during the course of the summer.

5 May, 2011

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