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Aphids or no aphids?
they are a pale brown, rounder and look more like baby spiders but aren't.
can anyone put a name to them?

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Hi I think they are an aphid but as to which one not sure. they are sap suckers just the same.

30 Apr, 2011


Aphids! Plus whitefly...

30 Apr, 2011


They are former aphids. Now they are playing host to parasitoid wasp larvae. In a few days, they will show little round holes where the adult wasps have cut their way out, and are now looking for other aphids to lay their eggs in--definite sci fi thriller material!

1 May, 2011 i will look up parasitoid wasp larvae, thanks very much for that Tugbrethil, i had wondered for ages what they were but would never have guessed this one.

1 May, 2011

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