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Thanks everyone again for your input. I read everything you said Stick and Olive but it still sounds confusing.I will keep trying and if i go wrong at least you can have a laugh. Neither hubby or myself are not techinally minded , infact he always jokes that he doesnt know how to use the microwave! This year we seem to have entered 2011 as i now have a mobile phone which my daughter bought me ,(still learning how to use it) a computer (bought at christmas) having never typed in my life, and a little car,(the 1st one in 14 years) . The car is the easiest.Lol. Wow i actually wrote a computer expression taught me by terra.So you can now understand why everything is so hard to understand.I think its great to see someone on my page having conversations even if i dont know how you do it.Hopefully more pics. soon.



Brilliant, well done! You'll get there bit by bit.
I've just been browsing through your photos and enjoying them. x

7 May, 2011

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