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my garden is so open, i want privacy, without creating a huge fence, i want something to sit behind, with plants climbing, fast growing, any ideas?




Welcome Mary and what a lovely cheery picture of you.

You could always get a wooden built arbour which you could grow plants over - that would keep you reasonable hidden without a huge fence everywhere. I'm sure you'll get plenty of ideas from some of the other GOYers.

4 May, 2011


I have made two private corners in my garden, one with 2 trellis panels making an L shape, and one with a wooden rose arbour and strategically-placed trellis panel beside it.
I am training yellow winter jasmine on the L shape together with a couple of clematis and a honeysuckle.
On the arbour I have a rambling rose and the trellis at the side has 3 clematis growing up it. These only give you privacy in summer, but then no one wants to sit in the arbour in winter! I'm thinking of putting a summer-flowering white scented jasmine on the trellis as well.

4 May, 2011

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