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By Arwadoo

Jammu& Kashmir, India In

I Coolected the Iris species from forsts of Jammu region.and introducud it in my nursery it is now in flowers please identify Also please confirm if the second photo is lepidium

On plant Iris

Iris Lepidium_sativum_2



With the flower buds forming along the length of the stem I think that this is one of juno group of irises (subgenera Scorpiris) but would hesitate to name it. Do you have a flora for the Jammu region of India? This would help narrow down the possibilities. The nearest that I grow is Iris magnifica alba but I don't think that they are quite the same.
Regarding your second picture, Arwadoo, I don't know what lepidum is :-(

21 May, 2011


Beautiful iris if you have any spare seed would love some!

21 May, 2011


lepidum is cress...and yours is like nothing I've ever seen or!

21 May, 2011


The flowers look like a variety of Iris orientalis (formerly I. ochroleuca). Are the leaves about a meter tall, growing from narrowish rhizomes?
Juno Irises usually have a single, or a few, leafy stems, from clusters of thick, fleshy, white roots. Their leaves are also v-shaped in cross section, so this foliage doesn't quite look right for a Juno type.

22 May, 2011


I will find floral description of the area from where I collected this iris and will inform u bulboholic Thanks for the suggestion.
Yes Tugbrethil the leaves are a meter tall, the rhizomes are not as broad as in I germanica.
Hi, Moon Growe The plant is flowering at present. It should produce viable seeds. I will try to send u the seeds.
(Lepidium) is an annual Karenfrance with leaves and small taproot tasting like horseradish or Cress.
Thank u all for the help and comments

23 May, 2011


That would be fantastic Arwadoo.

23 May, 2011


If it is growing from a rhizome then it is not a juno.
Arwadoo, I have taken the liberty of copying your picture and description to a specialist forum, hope you don't mind. I will let you know of any results. At one meter high they must look pretty impressive.

23 May, 2011


It will be great if we can find out which iris it is... such a beauty!

23 May, 2011


Bulbaholic, if the Iris is an I. orientalis, or a relative, it is one of the ancestors of the Spuria group of Iris hybrids, and some of those get 1 1/2 to 2 meters tall. Pretty flowers, on intimidating plants. : )
Moon_grower, if it is, it will be easy to start from seed, but the varieties of that species that I am familiar with need a warm, dry summer, and a moderate winter. It may be hard to keep outside a greenhouse in Scotland.
Arwadoo, there are dozens of species of Lepidium, and the seed capsules certainly resemble one, but I haven't...yet...found one with stems and leaves like that. I will find it, if I can!

25 May, 2011


Lesley Cox has responded to my query on the SRGC Forum pages and also suggests Iris orientalis (formerly Iris ochroleuca) or a similar one in the spuria group. The picture and description on this page seem to match.

26 May, 2011


They are tall and narrow leaved Bulbaholic.Thanku forand Tugbrethil for the pains u are taking to identify the plant. Photo belongs to all of us please use it. It looks to be finally I .Orientalis.
The species grows naturally in Deodar –Pine forests of Mohur forest division. I have seen profuse regeneration of this species in April 2000 and form the forest ground cover.

27 May, 2011


I just found it interesting that a member of one forum living in Kashmir asked asked a question. The question was answered by a member living in the USA and copied onto another site by a member living in Scotland. This was answered by a person living in New Zealand! What a small world.

27 May, 2011


I. orientalis is like that, too. My sister collected the seeds for hers in Israel, when she went there on a pilgrimage.

28 May, 2011


Yes What a small World Bulbaholic
Our hearts are hard, harder than the stone, even stones fear and fall, but human hearts do not soften. How lovely and peaceful will this blue planet become if our hearts soften and develop compassion. We have seen it through Gou that we can make it a real global village. Thank u Bulbaholic, Tugbrethil, Moon grower; Karenfrance,Lesley Cox and GoYou Team for the space create in our hearts to make a global village vision visible
Oh! Thank u Iris, the great unionist

30 May, 2011

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