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begonia tubers


By Boxer

nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

whilst emptying baskets i found the begonia tubers have grown really big can i dry them and keep them for next year? and if so how do i do it?thanks everyone all the best maxine



Just put them somewhere cool and dry Boxer. When the soil or compost comes off easily just put them in dry peat or straw or even wood shavings. No problem.


30 Oct, 2008


Yes Boxer,
Let all the foliage dry off, you may chance cutting them in the spring, even 4 from 1.
The best thing for storage is sharp sand, dusted with green sulphur.

30 Oct, 2008


thankyou both so much im going to try it 1st time weve tried to save them one is about 4-5inches across! i only found them because i was using the soil for mulch and that was a 1st too

30 Oct, 2008


I also have emptied baskets and am letting dry.

And then will put in a box with newspaper and wood shavings.

Have easy acess for shavings.

We are all trying to make savings and if we can recycle better still.

31 Oct, 2008


im going to try and save some plants with ideas ive had from members if they work its going to save a lot of cash and would be nice to see effort has not been in vain

31 Oct, 2008


And we can all swap with each other Boxer.

I should have put colour of begonias now dont know:)

31 Oct, 2008


Kath. You know me from the other forum so you know I joke a lot about getting things cheap.

But of course that is not the point. I think that we should, as gardeners, try to keep plants going from one year to the next. We should try to take poorly plants and get them healthy again. Not as important as making poorly humans or even animals well again but to me it is what being a gardener is all about. When Wilko's don't water a ten pound plant and I then buy it for 50p and get it going again it is not the £9.50 that I think of. It is (almost) the same as before I retired and could get some person going again when they should have been written off. It is the feeling that 'It would have died, but I saved it.' What a great kick.

So with carrying plants forward from one year to the next, instead of throwing them out and buying new we are simply doing what we should do as gardeners. Keeping plants beautiful and healthy.


P.S. It's also cheaper. LoL.

31 Oct, 2008


i couldnt agree with you more about the wilko plants it is so satisfying to get something to grow when it looks like its dying,and it is so much cheaper too to br able to save plants from the year before

31 Oct, 2008


do we swop plants on here then skotkat?

31 Oct, 2008


Nothing to stop us in Spring some of us are going to swap fuchsias.

31 Oct, 2008


I've already sent out Pandorea jasminoides seeds on GoY, which are the first year descendants of some seed that I received from a lady in Portugal (does she ring a bell Kath?) on another forum. I have also sent out loads of baby cycads (newly rooted), cerinthe seed and seedlings, scarlet wisteria, palms, cotoneaster and others seeds and plants to people I have met on other forums. It is no problem.

They are surplus to my requirements and I don't really want to get involved in selling on eBay etc. So rather than composting them, I just give them away. Bet it makes me popular with sellers, but although I don't require it, I often get freebies back. It's great, I receive things that I would never think of buying.


1 Nov, 2008


havent got much to swop but i do have to much of asters?they have gone mad i only had little patch when i moved in and not much else so split them ive got to get shut of some of them,there were some aquiligia too but all purple white & pink moved white one and bought yellow one for front hoping for new colours there but theresloads of them too theres a hot poker too but its to big for the small border?something that looks like thistle?but nice flowers best regardsmaxine

2 Nov, 2008


in fact to be truthful every plant i have bought and put in ive realised as times gone on ive put them all to close and dont know when to move them now in a bit of a pickle arnt i haha new gardener as i bet you have all realised

2 Nov, 2008

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