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Having battled all sorts of never encountered before nasties this year, associated with the drought...we have now had 5 days of rain!

Wonderful! that the ground is soft...there is a mole (or moles) wreaking havoc in the newest part of the garden :(

Noone here seems to set much store by the smoke tube things...

...anyone know how to eliminate it/them quickly?




hi k have you got a petrol mower if so put some oil in the petrol and fix a pipe to the exhaust and put it down in one of the mole hills.the mound of soil seal the pipe in start the engine and leave it ticking over awhile keep checking to see if any smoke is escaping if it is tread the soil down the places you see carefull good luck.

9 Jun, 2011


Hi K,

Thanks for your reply :)

...I do have a petrol mower! And am definitely willing to have a go!

But, does it not get really hot?...if so, what sort of pipe should I use?

rgds, K

9 Jun, 2011


hi k its not the heat that kills them it the fumes try a good rubber pipe.

9 Jun, 2011


Hi again K,

Think I might have trouble finding a rubber pipe, since most are plastic here and might melt...

...but will have a look in hardware shop and see what I can find!

Will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again, K

9 Jun, 2011


hi again k you could always try a reinforced hose it might be alright hope every things go according to plan good luck.also googled the nicandra its a member of the nightshade wishes k.x

9 Jun, 2011


hi again k,

am off out this morning to see what I can find!

received the nicarandra seeds and sowed them the other just waiting... the pictures it looks a bit like aubergine, which is also the same family...I wonder if aubergine would have the same properties??

Thanks, k

10 Jun, 2011

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