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Rose 'Félicité Perpétue'...I planted this rambling rose earlier in the season and I seem to remember reading somewhere (possibly on this site) that this rose will only flower on the previous year's growth. Is this correct and would that the the reason that I have no flower buds as yet? I fertilized as instructed on instruction and it has put on plenty of new growth. No a sign of any beasties whatsoever. The plant looks really healthy.
Also, at the base of the plant there is a fatter bit, with all the shoots coming from it...should 'fatter' bit be below the surface or just on it? The instructions weren't very clear about this.
Thanks for all you help guys x



Pruning time for this one is September, but only lightly prune. It may not flower this year simply because its making good growth in root, branch and leaves, but if they pruned it before despatch this year, that also means you may not get flowers. As for the lumpy bit at the base, that's the graft - should be sitting just about a centimetre below the soil is what's recommended - I often leave them slightly visible though, that way you can get at the suckers if they appear more easily, but the disadvantage is it makes them more susceptible to wind rock.

15 Jun, 2011


Thanks AGAIN!!! Bamboo...Angie x

16 Jun, 2011

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