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Epimedium x youngianum 'Niveum'....when do I cut back the foliage of this plant? Obviously it has finished flowering and there is plenty new growth coming from the base. Do I cut back to encourage the plant to get bigger or do I leave to protect the young shoots?



Normally they get a trim in late autumn to encourage new growth and new flowering the following spring. They can be split to make more plants if you want to.

15 Jun, 2011


I don't trim mine. I find that this variety of Epimedium (unlike many others) loses its leaves in winter. Every year I look at the bare patch where it was & wonder if it's died. So far, it hasn't & has come back in spring. It's quite late appearing though - I get worried every year. I split one of mine as it was coming through this year and it has recovered OK.

15 Jun, 2011


I just leave mine like beattie. its is slow to show in the spring too. nice plant though.

15 Jun, 2011


I have lots here aswell and i too just leave mine, i actually don't cut any of them back :-/

16 Jun, 2011


Thanks for the tips guys. I will leave it be then!!!
Cheers Angie x

17 Jun, 2011

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