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By Wyken

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

We are thinking of planting a water lily in a tub and like the idea of a large wooden one rather than plastic.

How do we ensure it will not leak?

Any advice/comment/experience very welcome.

PS Norfolk UK



Fill it with water so that the wood expands - that should do the trick.

20 Jun, 2011


How about if it freezes Cammomile? Won't that damage the tub?

20 Jun, 2011


You could always line it with thinnish pond liner, and trim it to just lap over the top of the tub, then tack it down with plenty of nails. The plant will hide the edges, eventually. You could put a brick or stone in the bottom of the tub so that you have a shallower planting area as well, for such as irises. You'll need some oxigenators in there too. Sounds good. You'll be surprised at the wild life it'll attract, even that small a pond. It's really interesting. Annie

20 Jun, 2011


Many thanks for replies.

Haven't had the confidence to try yet and today saw in one of the Sundays a rather effective adaptation of an old bungalow bath that looks foolproof from the leaking point of view.

I did think of pond liner but didn't feel entirely sure that I could disguise it 100%

17 Jul, 2011

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